The look on my son’s face in these pictures says it all! His birthday was as happy as it could have been! He got to spend it with his closest friends at his favorite indoor play space. Our memories of his special day are so happy!

It was also as simple for me as it could have been. When you have a birthday party at La Petite Playhouse, the party planners handle a lot of the little details for you. We set up a call and went over everything from food orders, invites, and the party schedule in about 30 minutes. I absolutely loved having someone else to plan with me. They are experts at this and do it all the time! Usually, I’m on my own with all the details since I’ve always personally hosted birthday parties for my children. I would choose this again in a heartbeat!

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Lauren Thayer –

We love this place! I’ve never seen anything quite like La Petite Playhouse. The play structures and sport courts are amazing. There are many things to climb on and the slides are really fun. There are also many comfortable seating areas for me to read a book or check my emails on their free WiFi while they play. I am very pleased at how clean they keep the facility and the staff is very friendly too!

We’re big fans!

Shannon H. – Redwood City

La Petite Playhouse is an underwater oasis for me and my kids. They love running, climbing and playing while I enjoy watching them get a great energy burn!

I can’t wait to have birthday parties here!

Liesl T. – Half Moon Bay

I have been searching for a place just like La Petite Playhouse for a long time! I’ve never been a big fan of jumpy house or trampoline facilities as my kids (3,5 & 8) always seem to get injured and they are never very clean……yuck! I was relieved when I saw their employees regularly cleaning the play structures and bathrooms. They also have a separate play area for infants & toddlers which is brilliant.

Donna C. – San Carlos