Birthday Parties FAQs

 Q How do I schedule a La Petite Playhouse Party?

There are several ways to schedule a party. You can go to our website at  and book a party yourself. You will find all information related to our parties on this page. You are welcome to come into the playhouse and book with an associate. You may also call us at 650-642-9444.

Q Will we have to share the playhouse or party room with anyone else?

One of the great benefits of a private birthday party is that you have the entire play house for 75 minutes of private play time and the 45 minutes in the private party room. Because we hold several parties a day on the weekend, you will see other parties coming and going from their parties. Our staff is dedicated to making sure your party runs smoothly and these other parties will not interfere with your enjoyment.

Q Can I just celebrate a birthday in the lobby area on weekdays?,

Unfortunately we do not allow Birthday celebration in the Lobby area on weekdays.  All birthday parties should be pre-arranged with us.   You can rent our private party room for $100 only. You pay the regular admission fee, adults and non walkers are free.   The party rental fee includes up to 45 minutes use of the room, tablecloth and paper products.  Our team member will clean up after the party.

Q Where do we order our pizzas from?

We offer 2 options.  New York Pizza or The Pizza Guys in San Carlos.  Please visit our party menu for more information.  Please note that we add 10% delivery fee on the total cost of pizza.  The fee goes to the delivery person entirely.

Q What do I do if a parent of a child isn’t going to attend the party?

All parents must sign a party waiver and leave a phone number to where they can be reached in an emergency. However, it is not necessary for a child’s parent to stay for the party. The host parent is responsible for all children that attend the party.

Q What time can I set up for my party?

You can arrive about 5 to 10 minutes before your party to bring in any food or decorations you might have. Because we have several parties going on during the day and only two party rooms, you will have access to your party room when it has been cleaned from the previous party. We appreciate your patience.

Q What time should my guests arrive at the party?

We ask that your party guests arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled party time to ensure your guests have enough time to sign our waiver, children get their wrist bands and your party can start at your reserved time.

Q Can I have a face painter/entertainer at my party?

We do not allow face paint, glow sticks, or glitter at our facility. For parties with two time slots, Entertainers are welcome, for parties with just one time slot, entertainers are not allowed because of time constraints.

Q Can I use my own decorations and/or paper products in the party room?

We have two party rooms that are a perfect backdrop for fun. We use plates and napkins in an assortment of colors as well as table covers, utensils & candles which are also provided. However, you’re welcome to bring additional decorations and/or paper products. To preserve the integrity of our party rooms, we do not permit ceiling decorations, streamers, silly string, confetti, glitter or piñatas. We provide masking tape that protects our walls. Unfortunately, we do not allow any outside adhesive / tapes.  We will access a $100 fee for any damages to our paint if you do not use the masking tapes provided by the playhouse.

Q Do you provide party room set up and clean up?

Our staff will help set up decorations within reason. Banners, cake table decorations, and other simple set up will be permitted. Any other decorations will be the hosts responsibility and at the discretion of management. Our staff will clean up after your party as well as help load your car with any extra food that is left over. It’s our pleasure to serve you on your special day! However, management reserves the right to assess a $100 excessive clean up charge for party rooms that are “trashed” or “damaged” due to lack of parental control.

Q Do I need to stay at the party?

The guest of honor’s parents is required to stay at the party. Other adults are also welcome to stay and enjoy the fun!  Please be aware that our party room has a max capacity of 60 people, please check with the party host and ensure that you have RSVP.

Q Can we have our food before we go on the play structure?

Because we’ve found that full tummies and play don’t mix, our parties begin on the play structure.

Q Will there be a La Petite staff member available to assist me in the party room?

Yes, each party is assigned a dedicated party host, so the parents can relax and enjoy the party!

Q Are gratuities (tips) appropriate for birthday parties?

Our staff strives to always go above and beyond for your party because we know how special your party day is for you. To help support our hard working team members, min. 12% gratuity will be applied to all parties.  15% will be applied to parties over 15 kids and 20% will be applied to parties that require the use of our second party room

Q Can we have over 30 kids in one party room?

Unfortunately, our party rooms can only hold 30 children comfortably. If you have a party with over 30 children, you will have to open our second party room for an addition $125.  The additional fee is for the additional staffs that we need to bring in to support the 2nd party room.  Our staff will endeavor to make your party a fun filled one.

Q Are we allowed to bring in outside beverages?

All drinks must be ordered through the playhouse. We provide water, organic juices, San Pellegrino, milk, Hershey’s, Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite. We also offer pirate booty, fruit snacks and gold fish.

Q Can I bring outside coffee?

We have a Cafe and we make fresh coffee and Tea.  Our coffee price is $1.75 per cup.  We will post a “Free Coffee Offered by Party Host” sign at the entrance.

Q When should I order food, beverages, & other options?

We will contact you (e-¬mail or phone) typically 1 week prior to your party to confirm your guest count. At that time, you’ll have an opportunity to customize your party as much as you’d like.  Feel free to rely to your confirmation email should you have any questions regarding our party package.  Got

Q Can I bring outside food to my party?

You can bring 2 cold platters and a birthday cake.  We do charge a $50 flat fee for bringing up to 5 outside food items.

Q What if fewer/more kids show up on the day of the party?

For weekday birthday parties, we charge $20 per child up to 30 children. If you have more than 30 children in your group, we charge $125 to open our second party room.

For weekend parties, your party package includes 15 children and 30 adults. If more children attend, we charge $20 per child up to 30 children. If there are more children in attendance, we will open a second party room with a charge of $125.

Q If I open the second room, do I get 20 extra children?

No, the $125 2nd party room fee is for the room rental only.

Q What if I need to cancel my party?

To cancel or reschedule your party, you must do so 30 days before your party date to receive $130 refund. Deposits are non-refundable within 30 days of your party.  Please reply to your confirmation email or call us @ 650-642-9444 to cancel/reschedule your party.

Q Do you have a refrigerator or freezer for my cake?

Yes, we have a refrigerator and a freezer.  We can accommodate up to a half sheet size ice cream cake in our refrigerator.

Q Are all guests required to have a completed/signed waiver?

All children that enter our playhouse must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.  Birthday waivers are separate from open play waivers.

Q It asks for my credit card, is this information secure?

Our third party software provider utilizes data encryption software that automatically encrypts information as it is submitted to their server. We do not keep any sensitive credit card information.  The final balance will be paid at the end of the party and you can pay the balance by cash or credit card.

Q Are socks required?

La Petite Playhouse is a shoeless facility. We require parents and children to have clean socks when they come into our playhouse. Everyone must wear socks to play on our structure.

Q Will La Petite Staff supervise children during the party?

Our staff is on site to help your birthday party run as smoothly as possible. However, it is each parent’s responsibility to supervise their children. Every parent must make sure their child is acting in a respectful manner towards other children in the playhouse. La Petite Playhouse staff reserves the right to ask children that are not playing responsibly to come back another time.

Q What age can play on the play structure?

We do not have an age limit. Adults are allowed on the structure, so everyone can have fun! Remember, our slides are very fast.

Q Can I have more play time?

There are two ways to do that. You can book 2 time slots, or you can book the last slot of the day and purchase an additional hour of play time. The extra hour is $200.   However, we recommend booking 2 time slots if you have between 35 to 40 kids because the party reservations include admissions for 40 children.